Lauren Modery

My house is 1333 sq ft of living space (1750 finished sq ft) plus another 450 sq ft that I rent — and I get cabin-fever / claustrophobia especially in winter. I cannot imagine how or why a tiny house is desirable. My basement rental makes most of my house payment. Instead of tiny house, why not just get an RV which is larger and has more resale potential? Beyond the novelty and quaintness that would fade in a few hours in a tiny house once reality would set in, I just do not get the concept. What do these people do for fun? Do they own more than three different changes of clothes? I can agree that status quo gluttony is ugly, but so is compromising personal hygiene and privacy. Humans are gross, and that is why we have privacy to fart, pick our nose, take a dump and deal with our bo in the most dignified way possible that at least a reasonable-size house provides.

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