how the role of our electives(or specials) might change or not change in order to support a more democratic learning process.
In electives when do you push and when do you step back?
Jason P. Heisel

Might these become open studio spaces — places of research, investigation, expression, prototyping …? Open, not scheduled — core content integrated?

“ … the atelier (studio space) has always repaid us. It has, as desired, proved to be subversive — generating complexity and new tools of thought. It has allowed rich combinations and creative possibilities …”

“The atelier serves two functions. First, it provides a place for children to become masters of all kinds of techniques, such as painting, drawing, and working in clay — all the symbolic languages. Second, it assists the adults in understanding processes of how children learn. It helps teachers understand how children invent autonomous vehicles of expressive freedom, cognitive freedom, symbolic freedom, and paths to communication. The atelier has an important, provocative, and disturbing effect on old-fashioned teaching ideas.”

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