Steps to Direct an Intentional Life

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An Intentional Life

Triumph in life needs to be intentional and direct.

There is no accomplishment until something has been completed. There is no completion until you have something to direct yourself towards.

“if you aim at nothing you will hit it every time”
–Zig Ziglar

There is a big push towards the necessity of action. Move forward no matter what the cost. Step by step, inch by inch the goals will become apparent.

The question is where are you going?

Some tangible end point needs to discovered and hashed out before action becomes the necessary force.

Too often we lack intentionality in action and do not have a method of measuring our progress.

Maybe you have discovered your passion and decided that this is your course.

What are the benchmarks that you will be measuring yourself by?

Have you put together a road map? A strategy? A plan of action?

When it comes to intentionally directing your life, you must first harness the unrelenting desire to achieve and be more toward a tangible, visual growth strategy that aligns your mindset with your goals. The biggest mistake everyone makes is the action comes before the clarification.

Set a Timeframe

Make it 5 years. Make it 10 years. Whatever time frame is negotiable. However what is not negotiable is the goal that you direct all your mind and body towards. A time frame creates the necessity in your environment that is critical for progress.

Make it big and make it grand.

This goal should be life-affirming and seem borderline impossible. It should take time to reach, because anything worth achieving should walk the borderline of possible and impossible in your mind. Every quarter I take a wellness, a personal, a health, a relationship, and a professional goal and I create a goal for each. Each subsequent quarter I extend my goal beyond the previous quarters achievement. If the previous goal I did not accomplish that then stays my goal, because I believe that being intentional and dedication are critical to making an impact

Remind yourself every day of this goal

Recite it in the shower, write it down in a place that you will always frequent. Ensure that this phrase in your mind allows the mind to consistently have a fall back for all the justifying and reasoning of people deteriorating their goals based on life’s inevitable setbacks.

The mind needs a tangible visualization of the trajectory of your ultimate happy life. Life will throw plenty of distraction your way and the greatest defense that you have is the ability is to direct all yours life’s events to a place of perspective and place your life’s direction as a priority.

Find an accountability partner

People are either inherently independent or very apprehensive when it come to accountability. However the evidence does not lie those who have an individual to speak to and hold themselves accountable to their truisms, will likely be unable to reach their goals.

Drifting waywardly without an aspiration allows the soul to stagnate and become idle. Progress slows to a crawl, if not all together. Be intentional in every aspect of your life. No one will make these changes for you.

2018 is the destined to become your best year ever. Let’s not accept anything less.

Decide to languish in the static or plan to flourish in your actions.
Michael Gililland

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Originally published at on January 1, 2018.