The Relationship between motivation and desperation

Are you motivated or are you desperate?

Ask yourself….

Do you see your goals and dreams out of panic, or do you see them with enthusiasm?

Answer this question and you will find the actual longevity of your vision.

Panic can produce short term gains, by engaging the mind in urgency, but avoids the long standing habits and rituals that drive vision. However in the long run you will be unable to maintain this pace out of exhaustion and fatigue.

While motivation has a way of uplifting and providing energy to find the good in every day. This provides the mind with the continuing nourishment to continue the long fight, and avoid the pitfalls of the occasional setbacks that we will certainly encounter.

Discovering the underlying word play, and psychological aspects of what emotion is driving why you want something, plays a big role in your actual attainment of that thing.

No doubt, the people you admire and are inspired by, have made this distinction early in their life’s and they have found that true growth comes through the unending journey. Each lesson is a new step to go up on, to continue building to that inevitable next step.

They do not let go of their dreams, and more so they write them down, to, have a absolute visualization of what their end goal is daily. Even more they take steps each day that inches their way to the ultimate prize.

They find the health routine that nourishes their body, to keep continually moving toward their goals. Health and mental vitality plays an important part in keeping you on track and moving in the right direction.

They surround themselves with like-minded people who support, and nurture, their goals, but also challenge and impose a reflective moment on the steps, and ultimate end goal. These are people that are interested in your path, because, either consciously or subconsciously, you are motivating them to your goals.

They are real, authentic, genuine people who find that the human potential is limitless, if they let go of all the bad stuff.

They find the motivation behind their goals and dreams, and find a way to continually learn and grow daily to put them in the best position to succeed. So once again, understanding why, you do something is one of the most important questions to ask yourself. Your goals have to mean something higher to you and inspire an undying passion to achieve.

Now does this mean that these same people have not gone through a point of desperation? A point in their life that was driven out of the fear of failure?

Not at all, they have just been able to not let these emotions take over their thought process. They have found a way to move these ideas out of their head and minimize their influence on their daily activities.

Therefore embrace and identify your motivations and be able to put aside your desperation.

It will not help you succeed.



Co-Founder/Owner Not Average Inc. | | | Co-Host of The Not Average Audio Experience | Husband | Great Friend |

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Michael T Gililland

Co-Founder/Owner Not Average Inc. | | | Co-Host of The Not Average Audio Experience | Husband | Great Friend |