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Koehler and I get quite a bit of questions about what is Not Average?

Here is our answer pulled from an excerpt of our Podcast The Not Average Audio Experience. (Episode #55)

“Rewind the clock 6 years ago. “

Mike and I met and we realize that we think differently.

Photo by Michael Gililland

Authentic Value is Everything, It’s you

Authentic value is critical to your career development.

“Michael, I just don’t feel like I provide valuable results at this job.”

This surprised me. Stopped me cold. This was the moment I needed to help build his authentic value.

I replied:

“What is holding you back from creating that value?!”

Photo by Michael Gililland

“Accountability Breeds Response-Ability”

-Stephen Covey

A Running Family

I grew up in a running home.

My oldest sister, two older brothers, and myself came up running cross country and track. Every Summer during that time was filled with either running camps or when we had free time having running contests as a family…

Photo by Michael Gililland

We have all seen and communicated with inauthentic people in our lives.

who benefits, grows, or learns?

You know the feeling of…what was the purpose of this interaction?

The purpose of this communication.

What if anything can I take out of this?

Moreover, for me, it was why did this seem so invaluable? Or is…

Michael T Gililland

Co-Founder/Owner Not Average Inc. | | | Co-Host of The Not Average Audio Experience | Husband | Great Friend |

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