Ad: Friends Wanted

With all of my friends miles away, I was desperate to start my #squadgoals in Melbourne. While I’m not trying to reach Taylor Swift status, having a couple of close girl friends to explore the city with seems like a must at this point for my sanity. But how do you make friends in your adult life? Yes, I will meet new people at my job, but that’s still a week away, and let’s be honest, I cannot go that long without any social interaction. So I did what any normal person my age would do: I turned to the Internet. Did you know how many apps there are for meeting new people (non-dating)? The answer is way too many. Do I go for more of the tinder vibe apps, swiping right on future girl pals, or for more of the group scene which is also overwhelming.

Well I decided to try both. I downloaded Bumble for BumbleBFF and Meetup. BumbleBFF allows for one on one meeting, whereas Meetup is group settings based on mutual interests.

I’ve had several different “matches” on Bumble after a short period of time. All of them are around the same age and seem like people I could get along with. The hard part seems to be actually getting someone to meet up with me. I want to desperately yell out: “I’M NORMAL, I SWEAR, JUST BE MY FRIEND PLEASE!” But I didn’t think that would go over so well. But then success hit, one girl offered to meet up with me to go get drinks (score!). After I did my happy dance, I realized I was more nervous than I would be for an actual date. But it went surprisingly well and I think we will have a happily ever after friendship.

Squad count: 1

And now the friend offers keep rolling in. I have two more girlfriend dates lined up for this week. Sometimes all you need is a little luck, technology, and a mutual love for the Bachelor to make some new BFFs.

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