Week 1

So much has happened since my first post last week. I got a new client and I’m working on a project for them ( excited):). This is going to be a small quick project but still adds to my portfolio

I got a chance to pitch my services to a Branding agency, received a few pointers from them, like am too technical ( Read the E-Myth and you will understand this) but I left there with a small task to do and that might lead to more work from them.

There is a small web app I have been working on. It’s a customer support system. This is a personal project I have been working on as I learn how to use Laravel. The code is up on my github page. The system is already in use in the company I work for. It still needs improvement and features then I will launch it to the public and see if I can make some recurring revenue from it.

Bootstrapped web is the podcast am listening to like crazy. I finished listening to Bootstrapped ( another podcast). This has to be my best podcast ever. There is a lot of information out there from people who run businesses.

Getting Real is a small ebook I have been reading and am almost done with. It’s by 37 Signals, the makers of Basecamp. It’s all about shipping products smarter, faster and easier so that you can get real world feedback from your users

Exams have been keeping me busy, but I am almost done with them, but that also means am back to the office next week.

1 week down 51 more to go

It’s a wrap #AmOut