Hustle culture isn’t the problem; glitter-chasing is

Photo by Hanna Postova on Unsplash

The road to entrepreneurial success is strewn with the victims of hustle culture — acolytes of gurus like Gary Vaynerchuck who blindly follow the doctrine of do more, work harder, go faster, sleep less.

But all too often, the hustle doesn’t pan out, to the surprise of workaholics who will…

Their advice tells you what THEY need to hear

Photo by Yan via Pexels

During a turbulent period in my business, I joined a local gym to get myself in fighting form. The gym owner, a 45-year old divorced father, exuded massive, if exaggerated, self-confidence and often chatted me up about business.

Running a gym didn’t afford “Tony” the level of public adulation he…

Common blind spots I’ve noticed as a 2x founder

Photo by Ruben Ramirez on Unsplash

Building relationships with total strangers can be daunting. As an entrepreneur who has cold-pitched dozens of investors and an executive with Wharton Alumnae Founders & Funders Association (WAFFA) — I’ve both perpetrated and seen my share of networking misses.

The central challenge of networking is navigating the thin line between…

Marina Glazman

Tech entrepreneur, 2x founder, analyzer of people , teams, and culture. Join at

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