28 June

Getting familiar, making progress

What I did

Learning helpful IntelliJ commands

  • <alt> + <enter> with cursor on text: options (useful when writing test for unimplemented method)
  • <ctrl> + <shift> + <R>: run tests
  • <cmd> + <shift> + <T> with cursor in file: offers option to create test file
  • <shift> + <F6>: Rename (refactor)

Found out more about Java: including Enum.values(), to get all values from an Enum.


Finding solutions to problems, but I realise how little Java code I’ve read, so don’t have any feel for what is “good code”. Whereas in JavaScript, I have developed so many opinions over how to do things, I am a blank canvas when it comes to Java.


I’ve probably deleted about 3 times more code than I’ve written.

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