We removed the blog post that analyzed WeWork’s business metrics using alternative web data.
Justin Zhen

My WeWork experience at the Promenade in Santa Monica also Sucked. This is one of the worst and most elitist Coworking spaces I have ever been in. I have been in several WeWork Locations around the World and only had good experiences until I came to the Santa Monica Locations.

While the environment is well lit and spacious, and very beautiful the Community Managers, are total snobs, lazy and nasty uncaring people. One of them, in particular, would rather be getting High in the alley with the Fundraising Street people or trying to Serial Date Members because I guess she is looking for a way out (Super Unprofessional) and If she doesn’t like you, she will get rid of you which is what I believe happened to me. This is also the same Community Manager that openly brought Anti-Trump, Pro-Hilary Propaganda to work during Elections (Super inappropriate again)

Again, I have been at several WeWorks around the World and always enjoyed the Design, Networking and participating in WeWork events with the Staff.

I got abruptly Terminated and treated like a threat or Criminal for supposedly bad or disruptive behavior and ended up having my Membership agreement Terminated Mid-month and being forced to move out. What really happened is that we had yet another break in from the local homeless downstairs and when I saw a Junkie in the Lobby Shooting Heroin, and his girlfriend literally getting undressed in our lobby, I called the Police which I believe is the normal thing to do since the front desk was Vacant. In the Chaos of the group in trying to make a decision that we shouldn’t have to make (Not our job to be Security guards) and argument amongst Members broke out (Normal in a high-Stress situation) and Shortly after, the next few days later, I got a Termination notice. I was given no warning or explanation, nor the opportunity to explain or defend myself. Who knows, what was said about me as they won’t tell me, but I am sure it was the doing of the Community Manager. She Smiled as I was Escorted out. WeWork will be ruined by employees like this. I used to believe in WeWork but now believe it is losing it’s Lustre. When other Members are asked what happened to me, the same Community Manager just says to them that I wasn’t a good fit. Yep. Sure. It’s too bad this awesome Brand is being ruined by Crappy employees. I highly recommend you take your business elsewhere. Plenty of better. WeWork was good while it lasted but obviously, the Party is over.