Why Angular Made Me Quit Web Dev
Tobias Merkle

This is a fascinating read. I am quite relieved that I did not choose to migrate to Angular 2 then.

We did create quite an amazing Software Stack based on Angular 1 a few years ago which still runs pretty well, but it had a number of design issues on the client side which caused me to rethink the client architecture.

At around the time Angular 2 was on the horizon (but nothing concrete delivered) it seemed they wanted to expand the complexity instead of focusing the value of Angular. Once Angular 2 was finally released, I quite quickly came to the conclusion, that the design and architecture was going into the opposite direction of where I wanted it to go and looked elsewhere.

We are now running on a vue stack (React was on the table too, but not approachable enough for some of the intended uses) and are extremely happy with that choice.