Bad Poem


It’s always the same
I’m the one to blame

As children say I’m a lame

Is it my fault you had to put out the flame

I should be ashamed

Love is not a game

I’m a disgrace
People spit on my face
I’m gravitating in space

No gps could trace
I can’t remain in one place
I have no grace

I been misplaced

These words can break stone

My words can break bone

I am all alone

I have no place to call home
A chain holds me together
You made our love last forever and ever and ever
Seeing you makes me feel better
And forget the gold you’re the real treasure

You are a bird with fly feathers

When I take a shirt it sounds like leather
I know you wanted to leave my life

It’s like I been stabbed with a knife

My heart is in a million pieces

I have to be cured for transmitted diseases

I had to spend a couple hundreds on a straight jacket

They say that I’m insane

A little crazy

Voices in my head

I feel like I’m dead
Listening to all my words in the shadows
Hidden with Harry in deathly hallows
Life’s not fair

I’m in deep despair
You would never imagine the pain I have inside
Seeing you gone should have been my kryptonite
I’m breaking down, body aching

No more jumping with joy

Only tears coming out of my eyes
This was not in the plans
I need you to comeback