How to get the true data type of an element

#StraightToThePoint series: no chit-chat, just code.

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NERDJACKING #StraightToThePoint series: short stories with no chit-chat, just pure hands on code.

On every story you will find smart code snippets that can elevate your coding experience and save you time to focus on what’s important.






typeOf({}); // "object"

Real world scenario / Usage case

Playground demo

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How I automatised assets loading and make my SSR feel like CSR.

What you need to know before

For the purpose of this article, we assume that you already have basic understanding about server side rendering with React and of course, basic notion of Webpack.

But if you don’t, there’s no harm as well, just have fun 😄

Everything is a trade-off!

Or at least used to be…

So it all started because of the famous issue about Single Page Application harm SEO, which is true, sadly!

And to make that right, the solution was to put the SPA into SSR (Server Side Render) mode.

Just after making the first…

We all know that Media Query is a very important part of the web application, with that we can set any kind of responsiveness and device control.

Most of the developers only use simple media feature as part of the media query syntax, and for that simple use case, there’s a bunch of good approach for your styled-component based application.

Media Feature examples: width | min-width | max-width | height | min-height | max-height

But how about control over the screen orientation, aspect-ratio, resolution and tv devices? Or even have a interpolation between?

That’s where SuperQuery comes in!

SuperQuery is a media-query for styled-component, intuitive…

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