My Interview with Two Developers

This week I started taking a course, Programmers for Non Programmers, through and I was asked to meet and interview 2 developers. Being a graphic designer for the professional skin care company, Dermalogica, we have one in-house developer and we freelance a lot of our work.

I first sat down with our in-house developer and learned a lot about her education and background with programming. She explained to me that she started her career from more of a curious motive. She began to learn how to program roughly 10 years ago and she started because she thought it would be a good talent to have. Little did she know how hard it was. She stated, “When I first started I thought I was learning a whole new language; and I was.” She explained to me that the beginning stages were the hardest but to never give up.

After my first interview I had the privilege to have a couple email conversations with one of our freelance developers. Instead of focusing so much on his education I focused my questions more around experience and advice he had for me. He made me realize that being a graphic designer for an established company I have the ability to work with some very talented developers and learning skills from them will be key.

Overall I gained a lot of knowledge about the careers of a developer and how to approach a situation if the time comes and I need to work with one. One thing that I will for sure take away is that in both interviews I was told to never give up and always ask questions. Learning to program and work with developers can be challenging with all the language but acknowledging the fact that I am a beginner and will soon get there will help me in my development in the long run.