XR Final

Makayla Gonzalez
Jun 12 · 3 min read

Group Reflection

Overall, we think that our group worked well together in splitting up the project and each working on our own part. Everyone did an equal amount of work and was able to complete their part. We all contributed fairly and were able to put together a cohesive XR experience. We feel as though the gallery successfully displayed an ad for potential Eastern students to see what VCD is and why it’s such an important and interesting degree. It was a new and exciting way for students to interact with a gallery and experience an advertisement. We were all proud of the way it came together in our group and for the class as a whole.

a project description that discusses the idea behind the work —

Our section of the gallery wall was called “helpers”. Our goal was to show future students how VCD students are true helpers by assisting all other programs and departments.

objectives of what you hope the audience to take away from its experience vs. what the audience took away(note this will require you to interview people) —

We wanted the audience to take away an idea of how VCD is interwoven into all departments and how VCD students help others by giving their knowledge of design and the adobe programs. Overall, people were impressed by the XR delivery of our message and intrigued to click into the other buttons.

existing XR experiences that you found relevant/inspiring for the project as well as a brief listing of the technologies used for its creation

We found some of the previous Zapcode experiences that we have seen inspiring, and the tutorials that we completed in the past helped us create our experience. Additionally, some of the Magic Leap and Hololens experiences we had seen provided a framework for what an Augmented Reality experience should be.

Think about what you learned, what you could you have done better (group level) —

As a group we did a great job of working collaboratively in creating our experience. We all managed our time well and were very communicative with each other in making sure each of our parts worked with the others. Something we could have done better was creating a more solid idea of what we wanted to create so we didn’t need to change our zapcodes as much.

(planning, material use, craft) and how you will apply what you learned in the future —

We had a good plan of what we wanted to accomplish and everyone was on board with it. We were all able to give our knowledge on certain areas in order to have a variety of things to view in each zapcode. We used photoshop for our gif, illustrator for the banner and other buttons, and after effects for the video that explained the VCD program and its students. We learned how to take all of these elements and put them together to create a XR experience. We also learned how to apply XR features into design and how to implement it into real world environments. In the future we will be able to understand how XR can be implemented into design and how to use it to have a positive impact on the viewer and enhance the experience.

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