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A guide to your first customers! How to build your email list in the beginning.

July has been a busy month with strategy conversations with business owners. These are held to help owners understand their specific needs, as well bring some awareness to my services. Conversations ranged with people that are starting out fresh to others that had been in operation for years. It followed a simple range of questions around brand strategy to get thinking big picture. *PM me and I will forward you my pdf document questionnaire

I look to share these conversations and hope there is something to take away from this! …

A weekly / semi weekly eye on happenings in the design world.

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FIRST POST — A background about myself. Looking to grow and find my voice in this busy world.

Hello Designers, Business Owners, & Curious Eyes! Welcome to DesignNotes by Max Goodwin. This is a weekly / semi weekly update to give incite into the design world. I am creating this blog to help me articulate ideas and thinking, as well as share my process, inspirations, and creations. So follow along, comment, and get involved in the conversation.

So a little background about myself! I was born and raised in Ponoka, Alberta, Canada. A small rural town situated somewhere in between Edmonton and Calgary, along the QEII highway. Was a typical rural upbringing, lots of outdoor rural fun and activities. My parents say I was quite the farm hand, that was until we got our first computer in 1992. That was the last day I rode in the tractor helping my grandfather in the fields. I was raised with my cousins and spent every possible moment together. My grandparents acreage house was turned into a haunted house, D&D Dungeon, or blanket pit every other weekend. My oldest cousin, taught us the ins-and-outs of the fantasy worlds of Lord of the Rings and StarWars. These beautifully crafted stories were the narrative of most of my childhood fantasies. …


Max Goodwin | DESIGN NOTES

Brand Designer looking to share my thought and knowledge!

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