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I would like to stress that anytime a youngster is using a weapon of any kind adult supervision should Survive The End Days take place. Above all make sure that you follow all the safety rules as well, children learn from our example.Shooting and hunting is not the only activities that my grandson has learned in order to provide a measure of self-reliance. This past year we have attended a trapping class offered by the state and we have both signed up and completed various “Gander Mountain” training sessions. These hour-long classes included such topics as Rod and Reel Maintenance as well as fly-tying. The classes are fun and young children quickly pick up the principles rapidly. Our state parks offer various training opportunities as well. We have attended instructions centered on determining the animals in an area from the paw print that they leave and classes on obtaining our own maple syrup. He has even learned the skills associated with butchering, cutting and processing the animals he has killed.

I remember as a young child visiting the dump in the early evening with an uncle and using the rats as target practice. Those were the good “ole days.” Passing good knowledge of the outdoors to younger generations is quickly becoming a lost art and becoming a lost phase of our history. Only you and I can keep it going with our children and grandchildren.