Response to “The Definition of Masculinity”

(MGTOW Thoughts and Musings for the Day — 18 June 2016)

The following is taken from a response to my article “The Definition of Masculinity.” In said article, I described being a real man as:

  • Standing for something good & having the courage of your convictions
  • No bullshit — having a strong value for truth, honesty & directness
  • Pursuing your dreams, goals & interests; learning and growing, without concern about fitting in

Response to the article: The characteristics you list can certainly apply to the category of ‘man’, but wouldn’t those characteristics (courage, truth, honesty, pursuing interests) also apply to women? That is, the characteristics are not unique to a man.

My reply:

I see what you mean. But I say definitely no. Because I live in the real world & what you suggest is a fantasy, in my opinion. I don’t believe that men and women are equal or the same, and these are simply not characteristics that women exhibit. They don’t care about trying to live up to these ideals, it’s irrelevant to women.

We have evolved as very different animals, men and women. Women are evolved to blend in to their community. Go along to get along, don’t make any waves, don’t hurt others feelings or offend them (unless she has some power over that person — like a husband or a child). Women as a species are much more interested in creating and using illusions and falsity to manipulate their situations, using an overall dishonest and non-straightforward approach.

They are welcome to try to exhibit these values, and I sure as hell wish that they would. I would get along with them more. But I don’t think the article applies to women so much. There is science and biology, and women are an animal, and man is different kind of animal. We have evolved differently.

I cannot ever remember a woman from my life of 37 years on this planet, traveling the globe, who ever showed a good mix of these ideals I wrote on. I don’t believe I’ve ever met a woman who is even seriously interested in attempting to live up to those values.

No sir, I think that’s a fantasy. Maybe in the distant future some day, but that’s doubtful.

I don’t hate them, by the way. But I do refuse to evade the hard truths about non-politically-correct subjects. Refuse to pull punches in order to fit a false narrative. Commitment to the truth has the utmost importance to me, regardless of where that takes me.

Yeah, I don’t hate them. And I try not to make it a negative judgment. I just try to accept that this is what women are, and this is what men are. Nature, reality, evidence & life experience. I just need to accept reality and say “ok, this is what I’m working with.”

And also, most men I do not consider to be real men. So it’s not just women who fall short on the ideals of what is a real man. Because most men are just males, but I don’t think of them as a real man.

I definitely don’t believe in NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That).

There’s a lot of great brilliant MGTOW YouTubers who have made videos debunking the NAWALT argument.

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