Typing Accent Marks in Google

While working on a handout for a colleague, I realized that I had to type in a few letters with accent marks over them. Since I haven’t had to work with accent marks in a long time, a 2-second Google search revealed that you can use theGoogle Input Tools Chrome add-on to get the job done!

Once the add-on is installed in your Chrome browser, you can follow the excellent instructions online at Typing Spanish Characters and Accent Marks:

Using the Spanish keyboard (
The spanish keyboard is almost the same as an English keyboard except with a few additional shortcuts:
  • To type an accented character, type an apostrophe (‘), followed by the letter. For example, to get á, type ‘ and then a.
To type ñ, tap the semicolon (;) key.
To type ¡, tap the equal sign (=) key
To type ¿, hold down shift and tap the equal sign (=) key
You can also click the corresponding key on the virtual keyboard that appears.
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