10 Things not be done at BITS Pilani (M.E. Software Systems)!

Hey folks! Hope you all are doing great and are very excited to have a BITSIAN life!!
You must have read tons of articles telling what to do when you are here at BITS. But here are the ten things you must not do that would help you be more productive and have a full filling experience:

1> Taking first semester grades lightly!

Do not take your first semester lightly. Put on your thinking hat and get going on the roller coaster ride. Remember that grades are not everything but they are definitely something!

2> Getting lost in tsunami of activities at BITS

There are hell lot of activities that engulf the wild imaginations of young minds on campus. Though it is important to get involved in co-curricular activities to take a break from the stress filled curriculum, do not neglect your studies.

3> Relaxing!

Got good results in mid semester!! Great! DO NOT TAKE THINGS LIGHTLY NOW!! At BITS you would be thrown upside down the moment you decide to take things lightly. Do carry on with the good work you have done. Relaxing time will follow- ample holidays and festivals in a semester and post semester break! If one has not performed well enough, do not loose heart- there have been legends going from 6 pointer in one semester to 10 pointer in second semester and securing great placements here at BITS!

4> Seeing each other as competitors

This is the point of UTMOST importance! While you are busy putting a lot of hard word and dedication, do not neglect the importance of a great peer group- the memories you will create here will stay with you life long! Believe me nothing is more soothing than having a friend to have your day saved when needed! Support each other and help each other perform to the best of ones potential. Cherish each others presence and make your journey a memorable one!

5> Only studies and no play!

As mentioned above, a great peer group along with a stint at development of your overall personality would help you have balanced life at BITS. I suggest you pick up at least one new hobby and develop it seriously. Looks good both for your personality and resume! Also do some kind of physical activity daily to keep you active and healthy. And do not neglect your health in Pilani.

6> Only play and no studies!!!

Do not get drained or overwhelmed with any activity that negatively effects your performance at academics. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and use your energy towards doing something constructive.

7> Not attending classes and labs

This is again an important point and has been neglected by many students. I cannot stress more on attending the lectures and labs regularly howsoever boring they may sound. One is sure to take away a lot of things consciously or unconsciously from a lecture- this would definitely show up while attempting open book examinations!! Also treat labs as your play ground and get your hands dirty! The more you explore, the better you get.

8> Offending the faculty

DO NOT OFFEND ANYONE. Make this a rule for life, it will take you a long way. You need not boot lick anyone as well. Remember your actions speak louder than words. Prove you point by showcasing your talent, not by using mean words.

9> Cheating!!

REFRAIN FROM USE OF ANY KIND OF UNFAIR MEANS! The Instruction Divison at BITS takes this very seriously and severe action may be taken against one if found guilty. Also avoid copying each others assignments and keep your plagiarism in check!

10> Neglecting competitive coding!

While one learns a lot when sticking to the curriculum, when it boils down to placements, algorithms and data structures are the key testing areas. One should get familiar with competitive coding platforms like Codechef, HackerRank, HackerEarth, etc and learn as much as possible from GeeksforGeeks. As for the practicing part, Interviewbit is your best buddy!

Hope you all have a great experience at BITS Pilani during your M.E. Software Systems days!

All the very best to all of you!


Signing off!