The Aviation Ladies Are Makin’ A Quick Steal

Helllllloooooo basketball enthusiasts! I’ll bet that none of you college basketball buffs have the Ladies of Aviation in your brackets. Well, if you haven’t heard, this month is also dedicated to all of the astute, adventurous, and record setting women in aviation. Not to steal your attention away from the basketball brackets, here are just a few inspiring women who are also at the top of their game.

Tip Off Time

Most everyone, even outside of the aviation industry, has heard of the original Amelia Earhart. Her mission was to be the first woman to fly around the world, however, her and her navigator Fred Noonan mysteriously disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean as they were trying to find Howland Island in 1937. She’ll always be known as the courageous and dedicated aviator who set countless records for other women just alike to follow.

In today’s society, we have countless women aviators all around the world making history. Instead of repeating the marks of those women, I’d like to introduce a few ladies that I’ve found inspirational to share with other young females like myself.

Coast-to-Coast Pilot

This chick rocks being a pilot! Her name is Nadia Marcinko, but most people will know her as “Global Girl.” She flies jets like Gulfstreams and Embraers all around America, making a name for herself in the private sector of flying. She has flown multiple private owners’ jets around and is building a name for herself quite well. I first came across her on the social media platform Instagram and then also started following her on Facebook. Being able to connect with an awesome pilot like this at all of the airshows is definitely something to look forward to. She describes herself as a “Fashion model turned Jet Pilot.” Global Girl’s main focus is promoting the General Aviaiton population. She says, “I believe a career in a tech field is the best-kept secret for girls. Aside from the increased job security, there is also a unique sense of accomplishment that comes with succeeding in a male-dominated field.” She is not only beautiful but she is unique and intelligent, making her a successful female in this industry!

Yoga before the flight is essential

Swedish Swag “Susy the Pilot”

Next on the list of awesome lady pilots is Susy Sundberg from Sweden. I connected with her through Instagram, as well. She is currently a commercial airline pilot flying Avro RJ Bae 146's around Europe. What I think is fun and inspirational about Susy is that she can evoke emotion through all of the daily photos that she posts online as a pilot. She makes her job look fun, not only flying and having wonderful views (like my last blog post touches on), but in her daily life as well. When she’s not traveling for work, she’s traveling for vacation and going to amazing destinations like St. Maarten, Cuba, California, and London to name a few. Susy is motivating for many young female pilots because her photos are telling her story and it’s very easy to follow along with her.

On her flight around the world!

Modern Day Amelia Earhart

Yes, the modern day Amelia Rose Earhart — she too is an amazing female pilot just like the famous one we all loved in the early 1900's. Amelia Rose took her name and finished what the original Amelia Earhart started — the flight around the world! Although there is no relation between the two Amelia’s, Amelia Rose decided to use the namesake and inspire some young ladies to take flight — and that she did. She flew the exact same course around the world and essentially completed and closed the flight plan that Amelia had started in 1937. She raised awareness for the importance of young ladies to start flying by creating an exciting project involving a large audience of aviators and non-aviators to get involved in. During her 17-day flight , she awarded flight scholarships to young women around the country through her other passion project, the Fly With Amelia Foundation.

Round of Applause

The ladies in this male-dominant industry do tend to stick together and work on some “give and go’s” as much as we can. From sharing stories, to networking, to giving advice, being the small percentage that we are essentially creates a unique family. When things don’t always work out, you just have to get the “rebound” and keep pressing forward. It is only because of women like this that the female population can continue to be excited in the aviation realm! Whether they are setting/breaking records to be written down in history books or sharing stories and passions with others, these ladies have and will continue to inspire countless other women (and men) to do what they love.

Taking the Leap

So now you’re asking, how did I sign up?! Well, it takes a little bit of cash money, the right flight instructors, but most important of all — you’re eagerness and dedication to take flight. Us women don’t always get a “free throw” when it comes to getting somewhere in this industry. We have to get our certifications, licenses and gain hours just like everyone else. First, you have to decide what kind of pilot you want to be, where you want to go and so on… The FAA’s website has the right guidance if you’re looking for some more information.

Slam Dunk

So while your bracket picks are either moving their way to the championship or are already down and out, just know the month of March is also honoring some inspiring people in this world.


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