Philanthropic Flying

It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture.

That’s me — >
“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.” — Tony Gaskins.

As a young pilot, starting to build my hours, making networking connections, and doing what I love, I can’t help but think — why am I doing this? In my previous Medium posts (Flight Deck, Boring Job, & MarchMadness), I talk a significant deal about how awesome and jaw dropping female pilots are and I give a number of reasons why you should become a pilot. Is it because it sounds cool? Does it create a high social status? Does it generate a nice income? Sure, all of those things sound wonderful but what kind of emotional pleasure does flying bring you? As a philanthropic human being, seeking to promote the welfare of others in need is what gives me my energy, drive, and passion.

My First Mission

Shelby Hilton, a senior gymnast at the University of Kentucky, is one of my best friends that I grew up doing gymnastics with. She is battling Medulloblastoma, which is a type of brain cancer, and I need to do everything I can to help her fight the fight. I’m going to utilize my talents that God has ever so graciously bestowed in my life to help spread the word about Shelby. And this is why I’m a pilot.

Photo of Pass-a-grille/ St. Pete Beach, taken by me!

Starting, May 3rd, after Sunday church service, I will be out at the airport ready to show any interested aviation enthusiasts alike, as well as those eager for an airplane ride, what it’s like to be flying high above the ground in the most beautiful place on earth — Tampa Bay. I will be offering a 30 minute slice-of-Heaven flight around St. Petersburg and up to Clearwater beach in return for a monetary donation of at least $75 that will be going directly to Shelby Hilton. In those 30 minutes, I hope to exchange some motivational advice about flying and of course be able to catch a glimpse of a few Dolphins or sharks swimming down below!

Most Rewarding Career

Life Flight Helicopter Air Medic landing at hospital

While wrapping up my research concerning women in aviation, I decided to find out what some of the most rewarding careers are. Nonetheless, I came across the job title of Missionary flying and humanitarian support. I knew that I wanted to become a pilot one day so that I could fly over to third world countries and provide food and clothing for those who had very little to none. I also knew that I wanted to fly for a purpose — to support medical needs, help veterans reunite with their families, and any other causes that didn’t directly benefit me. I can’t wait to start the Fly for Shelby Fundraiser Event!

By expressing love and passion through doing what I live for, I hope that I can shine through others to be able to spread something just as contagious, the gift of life. I could not think of a better way to use my talents than to spread life to others. Sure, I can’t wait to make a career out of flying, however these are the moments that I will truly live for.


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