Getting Over Uber
Susan Crawford

I agree that Uber should be treating their drivers more fairly and extending certain benefits and protections, but the sad reality is is that Uber is planning on getting rid of drivers in the coming years and so their focus isn’t necessarily on drivers. They haven’t exactly been secretive about their desires to switch to a self-driving fleet of cars and I think that’s when the future will benefit us the most. Traffic congestion will be non existent, cars will be better controlled and maintained, and ease of use would be incredible. Taxis unfortunately never adapted or changed. Drivers remain rude and inconsistent, cabs remain cramped and dirty, fares are the last thing from fair, and it’s just not a good experience over all. Holding onto taxis just because they used to work is not a good enough reason to wish away Uber, who’s become so successful because of their ability to adapt and provide. Something the taxi unions have proven that they are incapable of doing. So yeah… Uber should stick around.

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