How Do We Get Healthier? (Part 1)

What’s your answer to the question?

Healthy Flexing Man

My Answer: With the “man in the mirror” according to Michael Jackson. For our society to get healthier, each of us has to “level up” our own games so a collective gain materializes.

Self awareness and mindfulness are like the grass the cow eats to produce milk.

If one works on becoming more aware of their inner dialogue and mindful of the impacts said inner dialogue has on one’s behavioral output, then the more healthy the individual becomes over time.

When a community is full of healthy individuals, the community arises more abundant, empathetic, and supportive; a net gain greater than the sum of individuals living in the community. A disproportionate return on individual health exists when a community is healthy.

Be the change. Be the healthy example for others to follow because of THEIR attraction, not because of one’s promotion.

Healthy Runner

Good luck on the path to a healthier you.