Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” —Parker Palmer
What is your life-logic?

There is truth in platitudes. I think of it in terms of an evolutionary function. The cliches that last the longest, have survived the test of time in beating out the competition, like Darwinism. Platitudes and cliches may be taboo in writing, but there’s another side to this pillow.

Cool Side of the Pillow

Listening deeply to our inner dialogue can be one of the most powerful actions we can take as human beings.

If perception is reality, and perception is subjective to each person, than listening to ourselves and getting to know our Self is paramount to a fulfilling life. I am the only one who can answer the question, “Is this healthy for me?” Outsiders may do their best to influence in one direction or another, but the final decision comes down to You and the boundaries and values you uphold.

It’s like a board game.

Monopoly in Spanish

To play a board game there are 3 major features; the game board, players, and rules. The player (You) must know what an acceptable move is and how to move. The more information the player has about the game board and value of her piece, only then can she use game theory dynamics to optimize game play. Only then can we as humans align our internal desire with the world’s external opportunity.