Was R2D2 secretly a Coach?

I think most of us know who R2D2 is — the Star Wars film making ‘machine’ has done a great job of spanning many generations since it first hit the big screen in 1977. R2 is by far my favourite character!

The ‘plucky’ little droid who was always there to retain the confidences of Princess Leia, guard the secrets of the rebellion, offer continual and helpful stimulation and council to Luke, Han and the gang, save them on more than one ocassion by looking at the ‘whole’ person and situation and, of course, constantly help C3PO (human-cyborg relations) to be the best that he could be!

If we look at the qualities that R2 brought to the team, it’s quite easy to reach the conclusion that he was indeed a coach. He demonstrated great leadership in guiding, inspiring and empowering the team to achieve their full potential; he clearly had some advanced knowledge of the mission, skills, tactics and strategies to achieve the greater goal; he had a unique way of motivating the team; he was consistent throughout and, for a droid that didn’t speak the tongue of those in his team, he was a great communicator and listener.

What would your ‘plucky little droid’ look like?