Your day as Mr Benn!

For those of you of a certain era (and those well educated in the rise of children’s profile in society and ‘children’s TV’ through the seventies and eighties) you will remember the character Mr Benn. The lovable Brit who got up each day, dressed in his conservative pin-striped suit and bowler hat, lived in a regular house in Festive Road and, to all intensive purposes, represented everything that was deemed normal, wholesome and proper at the time. An image of a successful life we were being subliminally encouraged to aspire to.

Mr Benn would regularly visit a local fancy dress costume shop where he was greeted by a ‘magical’ shop owner who helped him pick his costume, whereupon Mr Benn would change into it, leave the changing room via a magic door and be transported to an adventure that was linked to the costume he wore. Eventually, the shop keeper would re-appear and guide him back to the shop and Mr Benn returned to ‘normal’ life with a small momento of his adventure and the world somehow reflecting his escapade as he walked home.

I think the world is full of great people like Mr Benn. Getting up each day. Aspiring to everything that life has taught them is good and normal; the clothes they pick; the path they follow at work; the hours they put in to their career; the life they build with the money they earn; the way they ‘show up’ in the world and the way they answer the question ‘What do you do?’ All assisted by the magical fancy dress costume shop that helps guide them through life challenges, affording them different characters to deal with different situations and, like Mr Benn, underpinning it with a bunch of morals to help them navigate.

The world is on the cusp of a significant change with the advent of more and more advanced technology, richer and better interpreted data, automation, robotics… to name but a few disruptions to ‘normal’ life. It is widely considered that this will represent one of the most significant human neurological shifts in recent history as people need to come to terms with different work, different ways of expressing their value to society, different socio-ecomomic structures and a new way to explore and find human fulfillment. I don’t believe that the current approach to life-thinking lets people unlock their full potential or adapt to what is coming, but I believe that coaching can.

What’s your unseen potential? What's your favorite ‘fancy dress’ outfit? What journey could coaching take you on?