In 3 seasons he has never played a full game, and he is on his 4th major injury.
Brian F

I mean, everyone knew coming in that he’d miss a year. That was baked into his draft stock; he’d have been an obvious #1 pick otherwise. Ditto the back injury at Kansas. So it’s not really fair to include either of his first two major injuries or his first missed season into your evaluation of him, since those were known commodities that informed the league’s perception of his ceiling from the beginning.

The second foot injury was a bummer. The meniscus injury — I don’t know. It’s unfortunate, but a partial tear isn’t particularly serious and it’s not an injury with a high risk of reoccurence.

Most importantly, he demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt this year that his ceiling is that of a Hall of Fame-caliber player. If you had asked Sixers fans on draft night if they’d have traded a couple of injuries for the guarantee that his ability would translate that seamlessly to the NBA, I bet they’d have taken that deal in a heartbeat. It’s clearly far too early to predict how JoJo’s career is going to play out.