I think it is to blame on classical education

by Markus Hafellner

A follow-up on my last post, which can be found here. This post was originally published on the Backpack Consulting Blog.

We are so focused on reading every bit there is about a topic before trying our first step because that’s what made us succeed in school/university.

A usual question out of exams 101: ‘What is the solution?’

Have you ever had an exam question that was ‘How many times did you try to calculate the solution? What did you do wrong and how did that influence your next iteration? How can you say you have come to the right or a “good enough” solution?’

We are never graded by our ability to learn, but by our ability to recall!

Where this attempt fails is in building things that can’t be replicated, things that don’t have the exact same output if you just do all steps in the right order because they are influenced by so many other, internal and external, factors. What I’m talking about are projects and yes, businesses.

Yes there are common practices, there are mentors, there are advisors, who all have been there 100 times. But all these 100 times only have a couple of things in common. None of these 100 times are identical, so unless you want to wait and find the one who already had to take your exact decision out of these 100 every time, you gonna fail sometimes.

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