The inside scoop of Mary Hafertepe

Living in the 6 double O 56 life has its dull moments. With both of my parents being born, raised and well-known in, “Mount Party,” the Hafertepe name is kinda like royalty.

When I was little, I wanted the white picket fence life, but now I want to: do big things, see big things, and be big. My life now is basic due to the simplicity of Mount Prospect. However, ask me in 10 years what my life is like and I hope I can ramble on about something other than Mount Prospect. Mount Prospect is all I’ve ever known, it’s home, and I’m fine with that. Well, for now.

Part 2: Graphing my Life

Part 3: Music that Matters

The summer of 14' is a time I hold very dearly to my heart. It was the first summer I spent with my new friends from middle school, who are now my best friends. My friends and I made memories that summer that I’ll never forget. We listened to the song, “Summertrain,” everyday. Whenever that song plays, I am reminded of the pure happiness I felt during this period of time.

Part 4: Friday Night

On Friday at 9:00, I was with all of my friends at the Prospect Football game.

Part 5: A Vine

I am very passionate about volleyball. Right after school, I’m in the gym with my teammates for 2 hours putting in hard work. I’m the libero for the Prospect Freshmen A team and I enjoy spending time with my team!

Part 6: People who Inspire Me

My role model is my 5th grade teacher Anne Senn. She lived in the Dominican Republic for 3 years teaching and helping foster children. Now, she is apart of a program which takes in children so that they aren’t put into the foster care system. Teaching is her passion, and she makes every student feel special. I am honored to have met such a kind-hearted women who inspires me to become a teacher.

Anne Frank was a young girl who died during the Holocaust. She once said, “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” This quote always gives me the chills and changed how I viewed people.

Gabby Douglas is a famous gymnast who competed in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. She is an astounding athlete who only strives to get better. She inspires me to not be complacent and work harder to achieve goals.

Part 7: Meaningful Symbol

I want to become a teacher, therefore a pencil represents my dream of teaching children. I want to education kids to make a difference in their lives because according to Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon.”

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