Why Lemonade Is For Black Women
Dominique Matti

I’m grateful to Ms. Matti for penning the connection between the angsts Black men endure and it’s too often harmful affect on Black women. Please however, don’t mythologize ‘Black woman’s love' at the expense of the foibles all people suffer: Black men too suffer the pain of betrayal, and it’s unfortunate this pain is often not given the platform it deserves.

I loved Lemonade, but, I must admit regarding the theme of ‘Black male betrayal' as cliché. I’m so tired of Black men viewed as inherently suspect. Lemonade was filled with beautiful imagery and incredible music, but to be told one again of the gross mistake of ‘me' messing around with ‘Becky’, made me sadly unresponsive. It was ‘Daughters of the Dust' once again, it was the misandry of ‘The Color Purple' once again. There are Black men who are honorable too, lest we forget. And there are Black women who are also guilty of betrayal, and brothers who hurt deeply as result.