Sourcing design projects

As I want my prototype to be as highly functional as possible and act and look the way a real website should, this means I have to have the content to make this possible.

The content I require are screen based projects that I can feature on my project to give the impression of active users already making use of the website. I need real projects that designers have completed so when a ‘client’ uses my prototype they can scroll through projects and visit designer profiles and see design work already featured on the site. This will make the project really feel alive and fully functional, as well as give a correct visual representation of how this application would look if it was released to the public.

To gain access to the content I needed I reached out to several designers on asking them for permission to use their work as part of my project. I was lucky enough to have these designers respond positively to my request and grant me access to their images. The following links are the designers that very generously granted me permission:

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