There’s Nothing Glorious About War—Nothing

by Michael Hannon

The young man asked, “What has caused the change from seeing war as glorious to seeing it as, in most cases, evil?”

“When reading about even the common Roman soldier during the late Republican period, one can see that they were often extremely enthusiastic about making war — and not merely for booty”.

There’s nothing glorious about war.

Roman citizens did not have television and talented journalist to bring the pictures, sound and tragic stories of war instantly in the homes of the masses.

Now they can see and hear daily accounts of the constant hell that is war.

War is a list of lives lost, those permanently afflicted and total devastation.

War turns boys and men into terrified animals and can’t turn them back into boys and men. The nightmare haunts forever.

War close up and personal is terrifying, paralyzing fear every time there is incoming fire, how quickly we learn that death is indiscriminate when we see those fallen, it shocks ones perception on how quickly human values evaporate when they are threatened, nausea when one sees how easily good boys and men torture suspected enemy combatants without remorse, feeling the ground and air around you vibrate violently when artillery (be it hostile or friendly) lands, there are the smells, sounds, sights, and feelings that will never disappear — never. There is simply no way to prepare anyone in advance for the shocking “everything that is war”.

War takes a devastating permanent toll on local citizens. It steals trust. Teaches children sickening fear. Never do we forget the look in the faces of children and can only wonder how they survive without hope of knowing happiness, lost forever.

Why would anyone want to do that?

There is nothing glorious about war — nothing

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