Men, Please Throw Away Your Crappy Old Pillows
Serena Golden

Fortunately I have plenty of spare pillows for any woman spending the night with me. I hope she likes foam rubber pillows, though (a pillow made from a spongy latex-like material that I find extra comfortable to lay my head on — I prefer talalay but they also come in dunlop for those that like a firmer pillow). That is the only type of pillow I have.

Also, a decent pillow doesn’t cost $7 in any first-world country I know of. Even a cheap fiberfill pillow costs that much and in my past experience only lasts a couple of days. The last pillows I bought (several years ago, foam rubber pillows don’t lose their loft and cushioning and a good one will last for a couple of decades) cost $75 each. I bought two of them at that time.