Project 1: Sharing a story of your mentor

Every person comes alone in this world and have to fight alone also. As we know that life is very tough and fast now a days. So we have to move with time. To move with time we require latest knowledge so that we can compete in life. As we know that in our life we have to face a lot of difficulties. So the next step is find ways through which we can face and overcome those problems. To find that way we require to find some person who can guide you about your life and that person is your “mentor”.

A mentor is a person who guides you honestly without any selfishness. He provides you useful knowledge that will be helpful in your life. He will teach you ways through which you can easily face and solve problems.

Everyone has a mentor in his life. I also have a mentor and he is my father. He supported me in every field of my life. Either it is an play ground or a study field. He supported me in every aspect. The first mentor of your life will have a great impact on your whole life. Fortunately I have a good mentor(my father). He taught me lessons that never to cheat anyone. If you will do that definitely in future you will face that situation. He taught me how to face problems and how to tackle/solve these problems.

So I followed his advises and finally reached in my current position and hopefully I will further achieve success in my life by following his advises.

Thank you so much my dear father for being me my mentor.