, cloud storage 100% under your control.

Minio: Amazon S3 compatible object storage under your control

TL;DR: we’ve been working with the awesome folks from Minio to make it available on DC/OS. I walk you through the setup and some basic usage.

Minio is an Amazon S3 compatible object storage offering you can run wherever you like. It comes with the familiar abstraction of buckets and files in it and is secure by default.

To install Minio in DC/OS, have a look at the Minio usage examples if you like, but the gist is:

$ dcos package install minio

After that, Minio is running:

Minio installed and running under DC/OS.

Next, I installed mc—the Minio command line client—and carried out some basic operations against Minio running in my DC/OS cluster:

Using mc to control Minio.

Minio has a minimalistic yet beautiful UI:

The Minio UI in action.

Last but not least I want you to see what Minio’s resource footprint looks like:

Minio’s overall resource footprint (incl. Marathon-LB as a dependency).

That’s it! Give it a try and let us know what we can improve here and we’ll work together with our friends from Minio on it.