Journal 2 — Nuptial Mystery
Iciar Ocariz

“Freitas suggestion that “good sex” and self-examination of what that might mean for each individual is only a bare beginning to an answer and in the end rather individualistic. It reduces the question of love to sex,”

I love that you pointed out this problematic section of Freitas! It drove me absolutely mad that at the end of the book that she said for some people their definition of “good sex” may be the hookup culture. I was like WHAT YOU LITERALLY JUST WROTE THIS WHOLE BOOK SAYING HOW THIS WAS LIKE OBJECTIVELY BAD AND NOW ARE SAYING WHATEVER, IT MIGHT BE GOOD FOR SOME PEOPLE? WHAT?!? *higher pitched* WHAT?!?

I also like how you connected the hookup culture to a selfishness. It reminded me that the root of all sin is a pride that turns inward rather than outward to others. It reminded me also of that icon of the Trinity at the Oaks of Marmre that ECHO loves so much, of them all positioned so that you are welcomed into their gathering vs if it were closed off.

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