Can You Use a Metal Detector to Find Gold?

Can You Use a Metal Detector to Find Gold?

Metal detectors devices has been invented in last century for the purpose of detection of different metal types

such as iron, silver, copper and other metals, it has been used in many applications by prospectors and treasure hunters.

For example, it can be used to find ancient coins, small relic, jewelry and small buried metallic objects.

Metal detectors devices differ and vary in search technologies and other features

such as maximum search depth and accessories and comes in many different shapes

and with wide range of features and prices from hobby devices to professional machines.

But most new prospectors ask the question: Can You Use a Metal Detector to Find Gold?

the short answer for this question: yes of course, The details in this article

Can You Use a Metal Detector to Find Gold?

First, we will give an idea about How metal detectors work?

How a Metal Detector work?

The principle of how a metal detector work is very simple,

Metal detector device transmit a magnetic field via its search coil,

this magnetic field is as a result of electric current flowing through built-in coils inside search coil.

When a magnetic field hit any metallic object buried underground it transmit a r

When the electromagnetic field collides with a metallic object.

the metal body absorbs part of the signal and returns a reversible electromagnetic field.

Another coil called the receiver coil receives the field signal and converts the difference between the two fields

to a digital signal within the control unit of the device.

So from the review of the principle of the work of metal detectors,

we conclude that the device can detect any type of metals, including gold of course,

because gold is a metal with a good conductivity of electricity and in general,

the longer the gold buried, the more explored by the metal detector.

There are also some metal detectors that are specially designed to detect gold,

whether natural gold ore or treasures of gold buried hundreds of years ago

and we mention some of them for example:

- Natural gold detectors such as GPX 5000, GPZ 7000, Gold Kruzer…

  • Old Buried gold detectors such as: Impact, Kruzer …

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