WARNING: Your Phone May Be Controlling You

By M Dorsett

Have you ever picked up your phone and not remembered why? In this day and age we are constantly connected to our devices. This article by Forbes highlights 6 of the impacts on a humans mental health caused by social media. Despite what the research shows, U.S. consumers are spending more time on mobile phones. A 20% increase year over year on mobile apps alone.

Speaking from my own personal perspective, it’s hard to disconnect from my phone. It brings me so much joy. An entertaining twitter feed following Liz Bertrelli’s ordeal had 1500 retweets in less than 24 hours. At least I know I’m not the only one who goes into a full blown panic when my phone isn’t within reach!

I’ve been struggling with this recently. I’ve also taken actions to change. Hopefully after you finish reading this you will feel inspired to put your phone down and stop and smell the roses of life. I’ve paired this light reading material with a song that I think goes perfectly. By the time its over, you should have read the 3 tips below.

  1. Turn off notifications
  2. Give feedback
  3. Make your devices work for you
  1. Turn off notifications. You‘ve heard this one before. So many benefits to doing this. This tip was actually given to me as a piece of feedback from David Pierre Louis, a mentor of mine.

He called me out a few years ago. He noticed I was very involved with my phone. His exact quote I believe was, “I wasn’t present.” Embarrassed, I took his advice and turned off all non-life urgent or life-affecting notifications. Yes Instagram that includes you.

Apple doesn’t make this process easy. It’s like they want you on your phone all the time. 🤓Crazy. You have to go into each application and manually adjust each notification! For every app. I have 205. It took me three hours.

The effort has made all the difference. I used to feel like my phone controlled me. Kind of like my dog. She barks and I run to her. Worried about her need. When my phone would ding, I’d pick it up. Whatever was happening in front of me didn’t matter.

But it gets worse. Once I’d tended to my phone’s notification, I’d click into Instagram “real quick”. Then all of a sudden I’m checking my stocks. 5 hours later I’m plotting how I can reach out to this cool artist I found on Spotify. There went my entire day. I mean I’m slightly exaggerating here, but the point is now I have taken control.

During the day I rarely pay attention to my text messages. Sorry friends! I pick up my phone when I want to. When I think of a reason to use it, not when it beckons me.

Actual photo of the current situation

Now I’ve had to learn to ignore the red bubble. It took time. You can do it! Join me, take control of your phone don’t let it control you. I’m starting my first “internet challenge!” I challenge you to turn off notifications on your top used social apps. Please write back. Let me know how it works out.

2. Give feedback. Write that review on the App Store. Reach out on social media to brands. Let them know what you want. In a nice constructive feedback type of way of course. Also tell them what you love about their products. People every day are working hard to bring new technology to us to make our lives easier. They’re dedicating their lives to this mission. Me being one of them!

Know that your feedback is important. User experience design is best executed when done in tandem with the actual user. KIT, the best app on the market today for streamlining and scaling your marketing efforts, is an excellent example of this.

KIT gives every entrepreneur back what they need the most; time. It was created by Michael Perry in 2013. Before bots were the buzz. Shopify smartly scooped them up last year. Perry has said, “let your users drive your next app updates”.

I have multiple instances where I have suggested feedback and seen it implemented. Although it does take time the changes do happen. Lots of brands out there are listening to us. The ones that are not will ultimately fail.

3. Make your devices work for you. The power of the devices that we hold right in our hands is great. Use it to your advantage. Shout out to Apple for the ear buds. I’m saving up for mine. Even though they are a knock off. Basically they’re an elevated jawbone. Reality is we live in a tech eat tech world and timing is everything.

Five years ago it might be considered very odd to talk to your phone. Ten years ago, culturally, it was completely unacceptable to be on your phone in public spaces. These days it’s totally normal. So put Google and Siri to work! People may stare but eventually it will become the new normal. Plus, we all know that our generation loves attention anyway.

Thank you advance for doing this.

Let’s face it, Siri is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I mean he, yes I changed mine to an Australian man, is better then nothing. The more people using the artificial intelligence powering Siri is the only way he will get smarter. I’m also starting a rumor that using voice to type saves battery life. Makes sense because it’s way faster to talk then to type.

I hope these are helpful to you. If you have any tips and tricks to share please do in the comments.

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