Five Resources to Aid Media Literacy Education

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This week, October 26 to 30, we celebrate Media Literacy Week. Hosted by the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE), Media Literacy Week works to highlight the power of media literacy education and its essential role in education all across the country.

Media literacy is becoming increasingly important in today’s society as media is primarily created and consumed online. Equipping students with the skills they need to be smart consumers of information helps shape them into strong digital citizens capable of evaluating resources for objectivity and participating in safe and healthy digital conversations. …

Remember you are teaching students, not a curriculum

By Ryan Fan, Special Education Teacher in Baltimore, Maryland

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As a 9th-grade Special Education Teacher in Baltimore City, I have had some hard conversations with my students recently.

Recently, a bus driver got shot and killed about five blocks from where I live after a confrontation with a passenger. In Baltimore, at the very beginning of our school year, a 14-year-old got shot and killed. It happened in the area where my students live, and one of my students, who knew the kid, made sure to correct the news report:

“He wasn’t 14. He was 15.”

Every start of the class, we talk about current events to encourage active citizenship. I’ll mention the latest Trump news or coronavirus news, and much of the news will ring hollow to a disengaged group of students. I’m talking national news, while my students are talking local — where they often hear the news is Instagram. In Baltimore, their favorite place to get the news is an Instagram page called Murder Ink, which documents much of the local crime and killings. …

By Tenelle Porter, Character Lab scientist-in-residence and a post-doctoral researcher at the University of California, Davis

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Published as a part of a collaboration between McGraw-Hill and Character Lab, where this piece first appeared. Character Lab advances scientific insights that help kids thrive (you can watch a short video here). By connecting researchers with educators, Character Lab seeks to create greater knowledge about the conditions that lead to social, emotional, academic, and physical well-being for young people throughout the country.

“When we set out upon the search for truth we should not assume that we already know for certain what truth is…”

— Mary McLeod Bethune

Why does intellectual humility matter?

When you approach life with intellectual humility, you open your mind to learning. You are able to learn from opposing views and have more constructive discussions, even when you disagree. …


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