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Donald Trump delivered a proposal to remove more illegal immigrants out of the United States. To be more specific, criminal illegal immigrants. Mostly the people he wants to clear away are the one’s that have committed any crimes, or are harmful to our country. He went on about how unsafe these undocumented immigrants can be. He tells us how apparently most of them are a part of gangs or other illegal activity. Fox News and CNN both have news articles on this topic but have different outlooks on it. The use of words, quotes, and images take a role showing the differences on each of these articles.

In the first place, CNN’s bias opposing approach covers how Donald Trump wants all undocumented immigrants out of the states. The heading to this article was, “Trump’s executive orders dramatically expand power of immigration officers”. The use of the words “dramatically expand power” makes a big statement in trying to make the readers think this could turn into a really bad thing. Additionally, the article talks about Obama’s proposal was found more “fair” by CNN because he prioritized by only getting rid of undocumented immigrants who have committed SERIOUS crimes such as, gang activity, felonies, and were habitual misdemeanor offenders. In this quote, “Trump’s orders go far beyond that, using a sweeping definition of “criminal” and giving a single immigration officer to make judgements on threats to public safety.” CNN dramatically applies the words “far beyond that” in reference to Obama’s proposal. In my opinion, that’s a lie because Trump is only putting more authority in the hands of immigration officers. CNN makes a big deal out of that by also adding, “Experts say order would seemingly include all undocumented immigrants — a departure from Obama administration policies that extended some protection to those that have lived in the US for potentially decades and have otherwise been contributing members of society.” This is illustrating CNN is doubting Trump’s proposal in trying to protect the country but instead CNN is perceiving him as ignoring the people that have been living here for a very long time that deserve a life here and he’s just going to throw them out.

On the other hand, Fox News takes a bias approach towards the republican party explaining the positives of hiring more immigration officers. The heading to this article was, “DHS’ Kelly proposes hiring more immigration officers, fast-tracking deportation” though, it may sound scary with the word “deportation”, they take on a confident perspective for this proposal. Fox News writes, “Criminal aliens have demonstrated their disregard for the rule of law and pose a threat to persons residing in the United States,” Kelly writes in the memorandums. “As such criminal aliens are a priority for removal.” This is illustrating prejudice towards all undocumented immigrants because they’re supposedly all criminals. Some of them, yes. The use of word choice is inappropriate, such as “criminal aliens”. To me, that’s very derogatory towards the human race itself. Yes, they’re considered aliens but when I hear the word “alien” I expect it to be something that’s not suppose to be here. The fact, they think they’re all criminals too isn’t fair either. I mean, sneaking into the US is illegal but who does it really harm? I feel like the people who come in are trying to find a better life from where they were before. Altogether, Fox News shows an extremely bias mindset facing getting the undocumented immigrants out of the US by showing crime activity and other unsafe movement from these people.

Ultimately, CNN and Fox News shows both different political views on this proposal. CNN shows a very liberal perspective trying to save the undocumented immigrants from being deported. Why? CNN explains that Obama’s approach was much more calm and “fair” because he was giving families a chance to stay together. Also, because kids that were brought in at a very young age had no say whether to go or not. Meanwhile, Fox News explains Trump is done trying to be nice to these people. He thinks that most of them are a part of illegal activity and doesn’t want that in our country.

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