Gone are the days when you had to install SDKs, packages, and runtime environment software to write code.

Now you can just go to a website, create a free account, spin up a container, or start working on a stack without installing or setting up anything on your local machine.

Recently, we have seen a boom in cloud IDE providers, but not all of them are suitable for all kind of work. So, here are the 5 services that I use frequently and why I prefer them.

Goorm IDE


Its clearly the most powerful and most versatile IDE on this list. It…

Competitive coding involves testing many input cases, multiple times and the standard terminal interface is not suitable for that.

In this article, you will learn how to configure Sublime Text, for C++ Codes. After the configuration you will have something like this:-

We have a separate Column for the code and one for the input-output. And the errors are displayed at the bottom panel.

So let's get started!

Installing the GNU Compiler

First, you need to have the GCC compiler installed on your system. To use it in the windows system, you need to install MinGW.

If you already have it installed in your…

We are going to make a program to hide text in an image file, without altering the outer appearance of the image.

Prerequisites: Basic Python and Basics of Bit Manipulation

First let's go over Image 101 basics, so an image is stored as an array of pixels, and the color of each pixel is denoted by a number (typically between 0–255), where a value of 0 corresponds to the total darkness, and 255 corresponds to the brightest possible value.

For colored images, we need to specify three values for each pixel, these values are the amount of red, the amount…

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