Gym Apparel

I’m sure the beginning of this post will come off as controversial and misogynistic, but I’d just like to give what I think is one of the many perspectives a guy has when he is at the gym and begins to glance at a woman also at the gym.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been caught glancing over at a girl that is working out at the gym from time to time. In my opinion I don’t feel sorry for the girl that is wearing bright and tights pants with a sports bra that matches her leggings; in addition, wearing a ton of makeup with her hair done. Some of the girls that I’ve seen at the gym don’t look like they belong in the gym. They look like they belong in a club as an exotic dancer. Simply put, they try too hard in the gym. In my opinion, girls like that seek attention wherever they go. In the case of the gym, they literally have all eyes on them as they walk from machine to machine.

Now I’m not saying men don’t do the same thing. I’ve seen hundreds of guys at the gym that wear skin tight, muscle complimenting shirts with the Captain America logo on the front. Or a “stringer tank-top” which basically looks like they aren’t wearing a shirt at all. I am not a homo sexual, but even if a guy walks in to the gym and he is overdoing it with his clothing, I’ll stare at him too. It doesn’t matter if it’s a guy or a girl, I will stare at them for roughly the same time because they literally contrast themselves from everyone else in the gym. What ever happened to just wearing a white t-shirt with athletics shorts and a pair of converse?

Nowadays you’ll see men and women that wear a shirt, pair of shoes, and shaker bottle that all match! Who makes sure there water bottle matches their shoes? Clearly their focus in the gym isn’t fitness. Their focus is fashion . Therefore I have no sympathy what so ever for anyone that thinks they’re getting stared at so much. Stop attracting so much attention to yourself and you’ll be fine.

I’d also like to make it very clear that even though I don’t sympathize with women who make themselves stand out, I fully sympathize with the women that wear average apparel, don’t attract so much attention to themselves, and are still victims to the “predators of the gym.”

I hope I’m not the only person that does this, but I tend to “people watch” in between my sets. I’ll glance around the gym to see the type of people around me. The first thing that always sticks out to me is when I see a guy creeping on a girl as she does her workout. I can only imagine what it feels like to be subjected to that.

Women don’t go to the gym to socialize. They go to the gym to exercise and I think they’ve made that pretty clear. However, if a guy respectfully approaches you and simply asks for your name, you don’t have to be so nasty to him. At least admire his courage (balls) to go up to you. Think about the 24 guys that just watched you lean over to get a drink of water, and out of all the guys to frightened to approach you, one of them did and he treated you with respect.

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