Syrian Refugees

I think it’s safe to say that one of the most controversial topics right now is the opinion of letting Syrian refugees in to America. The reason why it is so controversial is because the majority of America’s are simply uneducated and misinformed. For example, local news outlets in every state of America portray Middle Eastern countries as the home to hundreds of terrorists. For example, the terrorist group known as ISIS is probably the only known terrorist group to the average American.

Many Americans simply believe that Syrian refugees are terrorists. I read a blog written by a young Iranian-American woman who said that while she was in public one day, a white woman yelled “When Trump becomes President, he’s going to deport all you immigrants.” The woman’s hostile and rude opinion on the matter sparked a fire in the other woman and she yelled back. While reading her blog she’d pointed out that she strongly believes that Syrian refugees post no threat what so ever to America because there is no proof.

I strongly disagree. I’m not trying to say that Syrian refugees will come to America and start blowing up the country, but I very much believe that Syrian refugees post a hostile economic threat. If Syrian refugees come to America who will pay to bring them here? Who will pay for there food? Who will pay for there clothing? Who will pay for there medical needs? More importantly, where will they stay?

This past summer I went to Greece for the first time in five years. I was so excited to return to the country my family came from; especially the island of Chios where my grandfather is from. The last memory I have of the island is the port of Xora. It is in the center of the island where all the planes and ferry’s bring travellers. It is full of small restaurants, cafes, clothing stores etc. When I exited the ferry after a three hour long boat ride from Athens I didn’t even think I was in Greece anymore. It looked nothing like it did compared to the last time I was here.

There were several small camps filled with Syrian refugees. They were camped on the sidewalks and all around what used to be small mom and pop restaurants. So what’s my point? My point is that hundreds, maybe even thousands of refugees filled the streets of this small island. Nearly every food and clothing store was shut down simply because no one would no longer go to these restaurants anymore. What used to be a flourishing sea port, is now a struggling town that cannot support itself.

It sounds very cruel, but these refugees put a dent in the economy of this small island. I have several cousins that had said these people of sleeping and defecating in the streets. At night they steal from the homes of the locals in order to eat and cloth themselves.

The United States cannot support these refugees because there is no place for them to go, there is no place to serve as a bathroom, and no place for them to eat. This is why they pose a threat. Take Greece for example, these refugees are in the streets of a place that once had a stable economy. That economy isn’t stable anymore because no one wants to eat at a restaurant where as soon as you order your food someone reaches over the table and steal your food.

Overall, I suggest that a plan be put forward in order to safely and efficiently help Syrian refugees before they are brought to America.