The 5 Secrets of Design Thinking

Design thinking is used as a tool for critical thinking for different situations in life. There are five main points someone can use for this process of thinking.

First is to Empathize. Since you are a human centered designer you have to be able to empathize with the people you are designing for. People will respond better and give you better feedback if you show empathy towards them. When you get better feedback you can design what you think is best for them and the majority of people like them. This is one of the most crucial points you will need in design thinking.

Second is to Define. After you have empathized and gotten your feedback you need find what specific and meaningful challenge to pursue. This will be your goal in your design efforts. You must pursue this goal in hoping to achieve the greatest outcome that will benefit people.

Third is to Ideate. Ideate is where you try to find design alternatives. With this you come up with many ideas that relate to your goal so that you may test them out and see what the best outcome will be. Then the best idea will be used in the future to accomplish your goal that you have established in the beginning.

Fourth is Prototype. Prototype is to get your ideas into the physical world. This can be anything that can be made into a physical form. The best prototypes are the ones that people can interact with and explore.

Lastly is to Test. Testing is the best way to get feedback, improve upon your solution, and to make it better for the users. One of the key things you should think about when it comes to testing is to prototype as if you know you’re right, but test as if you know you’re wrong.

In conclusion, one should use these steps of design thinking to get, hopefully, the best outcome to the problem you would like to solve.

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