Talking about coding vs. coding

We invited Erik Meijer (@headinthebox) to Reaktor Dev Day. He gave a very interesting and provocative keynote for the conference. You can read an excellent blog post about it here. While I may not agree with all the things Erik pointed out, the talk itself was really inspiring. One of the key points was to put more focus on actual coding instead of talking about it. I had to think how I have been doing lately in teams I have been part of.

Last three years I have been developing interesting software with methods that have been very different that I used to do years ago when I too blindly followed all latest agile processes. For example these have been positive changes I have noticed in my teams.

No scrum master (or dedicated coach)

No estimation

No fixed length iterations

No project

Less focus on unit testing

And more focus on actual coding

Looks promising. To be sure it’s not going too well I try to start blogging (talking about coding) again…

BTW, you can find my old blog here.

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