At Tomorrow Labs we are building a digital real estate trading platform with a bunch of Finnish banks. Instead of building it as a traditional centralised application the goal is to build a more decentralised system using Blockchain technologies. The platform we are using is a Distributed Ledger (DLT) product called Corda. This is a tutorial on how to setup a Corda test network using Docker containers running in Kubernetes cluster.

We are using the latest Corda Open Source version 3.1 with H2 database. Our Docker image pipeline has two phases: first step is to build a base Corda image…

Scalability and reliability don’t always go hand in hand — especially when you don’t want to buy enormous amount of money for the solution. We’re investigating new AWS tools Kinesis, Firehose and Lambda to improve our real time analytics processing. First results look very promising.

To check the viability of the solution we decided to start with following use case: a simple solution where clients can send 5000 analytics events / second which we validate and store in S3. …

I wrote a small Clojure library for doing performance tests. For reports it uses nice charts provided by Gatling (hence the name clj-gatling). Gatling has it’s own DSL for specifying the test scenarios. I chose to use a different approach by just using ordinary Clojure data types and functions. I think this is a natural thing to do in Clojure. Let’s see how it looks like.

Simple example

The simplest example looks like this:

I have created a simple test simulation that consists one scenario with name “Ping scenario” it has only one step (request) which is a call to a…

We invited Erik Meijer (@headinthebox) to Reaktor Dev Day. He gave a very interesting and provocative keynote for the conference. You can read an excellent blog post about it here. While I may not agree with all the things Erik pointed out, the talk itself was really inspiring. One of the key points was to put more focus on actual coding instead of talking about it. I had to think how I have been doing lately in teams I have been part of.

Last three years I have been developing interesting software with methods that have been very different that…

Markus Hjort

Lead Software Engineer at Tomorrow Labs. Interested in Clojure and load testing. My old blog can be found from here:

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