Sam Harris vs. Jordan Peterson: Key Philosophical & Personality Differences
A.J. Drenth

Great article!

These two super-weights have archetypal perspectives. You have done a great job at creating an amalgam of both their philosophical ‘types’ and psychological types.

Perhaps you would be interested in seeing what I think both their weak points are…

“Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson - I Love you, But This is your Inquisition.”

In your conclusions about the personality types, Harris being INTJ, Peterson being ENTP, did you consider more than just their philosophical positions.

While I understand the need to ground their psychology on what you think are their philosophical positions, perhaps for a more accurate reading you might actually listen to these guys talk and answer a personality test based on what you hear. Alternatively, you can find a video on Peterson describing his personality. He notes that he is high in consciousness, a dimension (I think) is correlative with the J (judging). Conversely, Harris seems to be more Liberal in all matters other than philosophy, for example, on issues such as gun laws, UBI and abortion, perhaps decreasing his J to a P. Peterson, on the other hand is antithetical to this. Maybe he is a J instead of a P. Furthermore, Peterson’s demeanour, when compared with Harris’ is certainly more synonymous with a J. I do realise this last point is a little more abstract, maybe you could explore.

Could this be something that changes your consideration of their personality types?