The Success Bloggers Are Selling You Bullshit.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Um, you get depressed for weeks on end. You’re a self-described “fucking mess.” You know there are some people who hardly ever deal with depression? There are some people who are not “fucking messes?”

Learning a meditative practice can calm your mind. Rising early to center yourself or get ahead of a busy day can give you an edge on those who sleep in. And eating wholesome nutrition and getting enough rest and exercise will definitely help you to get the most out of your body.

No, there are no magic bullets. But the practices you seem to belittle can and do help many people to enhance their physical and mental health, their efficiency, productivity and their attitude. All of which play key roles in success. Yes there’s an element of luck involved in success, which you cannot control. But that’s all the more reason to effectively manage the elements you can control. Which include most of the things you sound like you’re giving short shrift to.

If the result of your strategy has been a depressive fucking mess, you might want to consider another strategy.

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