12 Weeks, 12 Projects — Project 1

This is part of my goal to get to basic competence with some of today’s big dev languages. See original post here.

The Motivation

I recently got a Withings Activité Steel after losing my Fitbit Flex. It’s been awesome and I highly recommend it, but there is one downside. I’ve been competing with my mom on Fitbit for almost a year now — it’s a brutal, no-holds-barred struggle to get the most steps every week. I want that to continue, but she’s not gonna give up her Fitbit and now our steps are tracked in two different places.

What to do?

The (Proposed) Solution

I need some way to map my Withings steps to Fitbit so we could continue to compete as though nothing has changed. I took a look around and didn’t find anything very compelling already in existence. For example, IFTTT (usually great for this stuff) allows you to push your Withings weight to Fitbit — not super useful.

So I’m writing a quick app to sync my Withings steps to Fitbit.


  1. It should push exact step counts from Withings to Fitbit.
  2. It should work passively — nothing required of the user once initially set up.
  3. Should push at least weekly, ideally daily.

Pretty simple, at least at first glance.

Progress & Next Steps

Full disclosure — I’ve been tinkering with this for about a week now so I”m not entirely starting from scratch. I should have something worthwhile to show in the next day or so — look for an update then.

In the meantime, I’d love any feedback on the idea (and even how you would do it if you think you know better than me).

Also do I call it Witbit or Fithings?